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 MAD Ceramics History

Shop History

The shop was started many years ago by two sisters, Martha & Dianna (MaD). The sisters sold out to another sister and her husband, and we purchased the business from them in September of 1989 then the building in 1994.
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Classes are run as "Open Workshops" and cost $3.00 per session. You can come in and work on anything you like and I am there to help you with your projects. We can also do scheduled "Parties", for a set fee on a predetermined item. A group (children OR adults) can come in and work on that item. I do need some "lead time" to have the items poured, cleaned and fired if bisque is requested. At various times the Shop might hold seminars where another instructor comes in and teaches a specific technique.
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Greenware, Bisque & Firings

Greenware & bisque are available at all times. Bisque is double the cost of Greenware. Firing prices are determined as half the cost of the greenware piece. If I clean the greenware for you that cost is also half the green ware price. If you bring a piece from another shop and do not have your ticket I will charge by picking something similar in the shop or by looking up the mold price in a catalog.
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Colors For Earth, Duncan has sold out to Mayco so I only have whatever is left in the shop. Mayco: Jungle Gems, Elements & Element Chunkies and Foundation glazes. We stock most of the electrical wiring needed for projects, lights and stars for Christmas trees etc. We usually have extra mold bands in stock, but do not sell molds, kilns or potters wheels.
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Custom Orders

Custom painting of any piece is available, I also do awards and portraiture of animals There are also many finished items in the shop available to purchase for gifts, seasonal items, etc.
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We accept Master Card, Visa & Discover and on internet orders, PayPal - invoiced via E-mail.
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Shop Hours

Workshop hours are Monday, Tuesday & Friday Mornings 10-1pm &  Evenings by appointment
(If I am at the shop in the evening, I do leave after I get everything out of the molds unless you have called BEFORE I leave in the morning)

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Ellis Park Classes

I also teach at Ellis Park Recreation Center in Salisbury, Wednesday mornings 9:00am-12:00. Ellis Park classes are $20.00 per month payable at the beginning of each month and cover all your firings, the room fee I have to pay the rec center and my teaching/transportation fees. These classes are run as "Open Workshops", occasionally we all work on a specific technique or have another instructor come in.
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The Artist

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Fairleigh Dickenson University, Madison, NJ and I am a graduate of the Newark School of Fine & Industrial Arts in Newark, NJ. I have worked in various advertising agencies in NJ, NY, NV, and NC since graduating and have done quite a bit of freelance work.

My time now is devoted to the ceramic studio, and teaching ceramics at Ellis Park in Spencer NC. Jeff, my husband makes our slip and I do the pouring, cleaning, firing, painting and teaching. My specialty is custom painting horses and doing equine and companion animal designs, see

I have authored over 40 articles for various ceramic industry magazines including: Ceramics, Popular Ceramics, Ceramic Arts & Crafts, and most recently Fired Arts & Crafts and have had four of my articles appear on the covers. I have also won numerous awards in Ceramic Competitions in NJ, UK, NC and SC, including 5 "Peggy's" and Numerous "Master's" awards. My first was June 2011 for my Butterfly & Thistle Plaque, 2013 "Masters" for the red "Carriage Driving" themed vase and 2014 for the Round Decanter shown below.

2011 Master's
Butterfly and Thistle Plaque 

2013 Master's
Carriage Driving Vase side    Carriage Driving Vase front

2014 Master's
Round Decanter

I completed CFE "Boot Camp" in February 2010, now Mad Ceramics is a CFE Education center. I am also Duncan certified and have completed at least 75 Duncan Seminars.
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